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Galleries I visited while on a field trip to NYC.

No. 1: Matsutani - Gutai Spirit Forever, Galerie Richard (514 W. 24th St). Exhibit ends April 20.

No. 2 & 3: William John Kennedy - Being Andy Warhol: The Early Days, Birnam Wood Galleries (514 W. 24th, Third Floor).

No. 4…and 5: Liz Nielsen - Tiger Teeth: Red Light, Benrimon Contemporary Gallery (514 W. 24th, Second Floor). Exhibit ends April 20.

No. 6: Hope Gangloff, Susan Inglett Gallery (522 W. 24th St). Exhibit ended March 23rd.

Afterwards, my best friend and I chose a Thai place to dine in. Holy hell, this place was amazing! The best part was the Thai iced tea and Sangria…and the Indian dude in the corner being shushed by his wife for being rude to the waiter.